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About The Stone House Group

The Stone House Group is named after the simple and sturdy structure where the first company meeting was held in 1999. Larry Eighmy, a graduate of Middlebury College, Darren Cassel, of Lehigh University, and Rob Butch of Swarthmore College, leveraged their combined expertise in facilities, energy and finance to create a company committed to providing its clients with the tools to better align their facilities with their mission. After graduating from summer kitchen to barn, The Stone House Group moved to the Flatiron Building on the SouthSide of Bethlehem, PA, where the firm resides today.

We work to practice what we preach in our own backyard by advocating responsible stewardship of our community and environment, which you can read more about here. As of December 2022, we are a Certified B Corporation, and this focus aligns flawlessly with The Stone House Group’s mission to help our clients realize the potential within their facilities. By providing services for academic, not-for-profit and professional clients, we conduct our business with respect for our community and environment, building relationships by championing and challenging our client’s facilities to effectively support and align with their mission. This transformation from space to place is “Building Stewardship”.

Since our founding in 1999, the firm has grown from a handful of dedicated specialists to a group of over twenty professionals with backgrounds ranging from PE, CEM, CCP, LEED AP, REP, sMBA, and BECxP. With a foundation in facilities, energy and finance, we have grown to offer services in energy management, facilities management, sustainable design consulting and commissioning, which together improve “Building Stewardship”. We have served more than 300 clients globally – from Bethlehem to Beijing – and our continued relationships with our clients is one of the most important factors in making us who we are today.

We believe that The Stone House Group still stands on its original pillars of quality and integrity, proudly representing the strong, sturdy structure on which we were founded. We have grown to be prepared to engage the new challenges our clients will face in the coming years in “Building Stewardship”.


Certified B Corporation

As of December 2022, The Stone House Group is a Certified B Corporation. B Corporations are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, legal accountability, and public transparency. They aspire not just to be the best companies in the world, but the best for the world. If you are interested in learning more about how we scored on our B-Impact Assessment, please click here. Our aspiration is to move past twentieth-century capitalism and into the twenty-first century, serving both stakeholders, and society. There are over 4000 companies certified in more than 70 countries, and over 150 industries. The Stone House Group is one of the first 40 consulting firms in the United States with less than 50 employees to achieve B-Corp Certification.

We spent over 5 years working towards achieving our B-Corp Certification. This process required transforming our internal and external processes and demonstrating our commitments. To achieve certification, organizations must score at least 80 points. Over 66% of The Stone House Group’s points come from two Impact Areas: Workers and the Environment. This demonstrates that The Stone House Group contributes to our employees financial, physical, professional, and social well being, and that our services have a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

For The Stone House Group, B Corporation will help us track the environmental impact we have as a result of our work, and we have already taken several steps to achieve this goal. A number of new policies have been drafted that embed sustainability into our company’s DNA. Additionally, we will continue to manage an energy, water, and GHG emissions database, and track our environmental influence on our clients through measuring Greenhouse Gas emissions reductions as a result of our services.

We are not stopping here, our next B-Impact Assessment will occur in 2025, and our goal is to increase the Company’s score by 10 points

The Flat Iron Building

The Flatiron Building, located at 301 Broadway on the South Side of Bethlehem was designed by A.W. Leh and built in 1910 for the famous banker, E.P. Wilbur. Still well known for its masonry, brick exterior and triangular floor plan, The Flatiron Building now also boasts a prototype CEWA Solar collector on the roof and a 38 kW PV array on the adjacent parking garage roof.

With assistance from a $830,000 loan from the state’s Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) Program and in an effort to practice what we preach at The Stone House Group, several newly renovated spaces in the building, including The Stone House Group’s new 5th floor office, are pursuing LEED Gold Certification. Additional building upgrades and renovation projects have been possible through the ACE loan, including condensing gas boilers, controls and LED lighting upgrades to several shared spaces in the building. We hope the Flatiron Building can become an innovation space for new technologies with tenants having the opportunity to apply for funding under the Keystone Innovation Zone. It is our goal to continue fostering stewardship in the local community by creating a sustainable community and leading by example.

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Inquiries for use of 5th Floor Conference Space, please contact Patricia Waugh, Building Manager.

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About Bethlehem

Whether it’s the celebratory atmosphere of Musikfest the first week of August, attending the annual SouthSide Film Festival, or a low key evening at one of main street’s fine restaurants followed by the weekly open-air concert at the Sun-Inn or ArtsQuest, Bethlehem has a lot to offer the summer resident. The apartment and office are within walking distance of Bethlehem’s colonial and industrial historic districts, arts and performance spaces, a microbrewery, a microdistillery, great bars and restaurants, and miles of mountain biking and running trails. Less than an hour’s drive provides access to rock climbing, white water rafting, the Appalachian Trail and other great hiking, while another half-hour reaches the urban areas of New York City and Philadelphia.




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Energy management represents the convergence of environmental, facilities, and institutional stewardship; savings provide the seeds for "Building Stewardship"


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