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Omar Awan

Omar Awan

Area Of Focus: Energy Management, Facilities Management, Project Management, Commissioning

Omar joined The Stone House Group in June 2022. Prior to joining The Stone House Group, Omar worked in the Food and Beverage Industry covering over  approximately 1.4 million square feet area of operations and supported capital investment projects. He spearheaded regional facilities operations and maintenance for Arizona Iced Tea manufacturing plants and warehouses in New York/New Jersey.

Omar graduated from Stony Brook University SUNY, New York with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and a double major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.


85+ Facility Condition Assessments conducted.

Did you know?

The Hotchkiss School is very pleased with the energy procurement and contract management services provided by Stone House Solutions.


Chief Financial Officer, The Hotchkiss School  |  John Tuke