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Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning, and Continuous Commissioning: A Guide to Cost Savings

6.6.17 | Commissioning

Commissioning, retro-commissioning and continuous commissioning are services the Stone House Group provides that involve supervising the installation of mechanical or electrical systems to new or existing construction projects, and resolving operating problems within these systems. Building commissioning provides buildings with added benefits such as improved energy efficiency of systems, building performance, and up to 15% on overall energy savings. For more on cost savings for retro commissioning click here. Understanding which type of commissioning your building needs and the cost savings associated with it could help decide which type of commissioning is a best fit for a project.  To learn more about the commissioning process go here. You can find more on commissioning and quality assurance here.

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SHG has done energy modeling for 80+ clients.

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Throughout our partnership, SHG has been creative and forthright; combining technical prowess, operational focus and energy finance to serve the Hospital well.


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