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The Carbon Movement

6.6.17 | Changing Policy, Energy Costs

Carbon tax and a cap-and-trade system are two incentives that could create a shift in businesses, households and industry to increase demand for green solutions. These practices aren’t new to our society. The United Kingdom, as well as Sweden and parts of Canada, have adopted carbon taxation and saw a reduction in CO2 emissions. More about carbon tax and the cap-and-trade system can be found here. In the article, Carbon taxation 101: Is using the price signal a good way to help with global warming? Or will pigs fly first?, LinkedIn Influencer, Scott Nyquist, discusses the history, pros, cons, and prospects of carbon taxation and cap-and-trade in the United States as a remedy to reducing emissions from electricity generation. While investigating the likelihood of a carbon tax being adapted by todays American society, Nyquist points out the growing acceptance for the carbon tax ideology and the potential for states to take the initiative, including the PJM Interconnection. Read more about it here.