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A Review of Research on Project Based Learning – John W. Thomas, Ph.D, March 2000

2.14.17 | Education, Project Based Learning (PBL)

This review examines research related to a teaching and learning model popularly referred to as “Project-Based Learning” (PBL). John W. Thomas’ (2000) review covers eight topics relating to PBL, including:

  • A definition of Project-Based Learning
  • Underpinnings of PBL research and practice
  • Evaluative research: research on the effectiveness of PBL
  • The role of student characteristics in PBL
  • Implementation research: challenges associated with enacting PBL
  • Intervention research: research on improving the effectiveness of PBL
  • Conclusions
  • Future directions for PBL research

To read the review in its entirety, please visit the Buck’s Institute for Education (BIE) website and scroll down for the document titled “Review of Research on Project Based Learning.”