Stone House Solutions

1018 kW PV Solar Array, Church Farm School

Exton, PA

Stone House Solutions

Stone House Solutions (SH Solutions) is a Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) targeted subsidiary of The Stone House Group founded in 2014 that focuses on helping clients implement solutions, whether through projects that reduce energy costs or through education opportunities to teach students about environmental stewardship. SH Solutions was formed when clients began asking “Now what?” after The Stone House Group assessed energy opportunities (i.e. solar, co-generation, tri-generation, biomass, etc) for clients. We recognize clients are not only hoping for us to define opportunities for them, but to also guide them to implement a solution. SH Solutions allows us to continue working with clients on their path towards building stewardship by implementing our studies, and in turn also permits us to create strategic partnerships and product development on the periphery of The Stone House Group’s core.


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110+ Independent Schools served

Did you know?

Thank you for everything you did for Princeton on the Art Storage Facility. Truly an outstanding job! I feel confident the BAS system will perform as expected.


Princeton University  |  Gary Brancato